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4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within your £55m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Welcome to the Old Actonians CC fantasy cricket page. This season we will be running a fantasy league competition with £10 entry per team (you can enter multiple teams but must do so with separate email addresses). This is open to all members, families and friends. The money raised will be split between the club and the prize fund.To view the rules of how to play, you should find the "Rules" tab on the top of the page. Also, choose minimum of 2 men’s and 2 women‘s team players in list. Points from all League games (Saturday and Sunday) are counted, so choose your players carefully week to week! Transfer Window open until first games of the season starting 7th May. During the season, transfer window open Mon-sat close at 12.00 PM.

Good Luck :)

Team Manager Points
 1Deutschland DreamersAndy West5585
 2Rak AttackRoheet Gupta5491
 3Bex‘s BearsRebecca Rolfe5460
 4Eagle‘s ElevenHoward Tobias5451
 5Abhay‘s 11Abhay5355
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1Rebecca Rolfe (L)£5.0m541
 2Anek Mhajan (M)£5.0m503
 3Pramod Dewan (M)£6.0m436
 4Khalid Malik (M)£3.0m353
 5Sameer butt (M)£5.0m334
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Name Value Points
 1Ramon Bailey (M)£6.0m801
 2Steve Smith (M)£6.0m549
 3Tushar Pathak (M)£6.0m502
 4Perry SIvanathan (M)£4.0m486
 5Shaiq Qamar (M)£5.0m427
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Name Value Points
 1Ryan Smith (M)£10.0m968
 2Aniket Palav (M)£8.0m876
 3Amandeep Dhaliwal (M)£6.0m661
 4Joshua Jayakar (M)£6.0m635
 5Nathan Mehaffy (M)£6.0m555
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Name Value Points
 1Roger Masterton (M)£6.0m398
 2Aaron Swan (M)£6.0m394
 3Rob long (M)£6.0m324
 4Arjuna Upasena (M)£6.0m275
 5Andrew Spinks (M)£5.0m267
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Game 17 Stats

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